Harper Hill was started several years ago when we got our first pom. Her name was (of course) Harper. She was the best dog. She brought joy and happiness where ever she went. Harper was tiny at 2.3 lbs and at 8  months old she developed a genetic condition that would not let her body regulate its blood sugar. Even on iv dextrose and supplemental injections, her sugar would just not balance. We battled for 4 days. I was with her 24/7 and she had 4 doctors working on her case. On the fouth day she started to be able to stand and even eat a little. She was strong enough to give me kisses for the first time. Then with no warning, she was gone. We were devastated.I have never had a pom before and we comitted ourselves to spread the joy this magical breed brings. We strive to breed pups with no life threatening gentic defects and we never see a pup under 3 lbs. Harper Hill was started in loving memory of our tiny brave Harper.